First Post

This is my first entry to test the setup of this BLOG before the upcoming trip.  On June 21, myself and 8 Valencia and 2 USF college students will start our journey to Germany & Poland.  This is the 2015 Valencia Holocaust Study Abroad trip.  Please follow us on this once in a lifetime journey.  We will also have a Facebook page and a You Tube and Vimeo channel where we will post pictures and videos.  Those links will be posted here before we leave.

Thanks for following our trip and we look forward to your comments.

Professor Richard A. Gair, Trip Creator, Leader, Scholar, and whatever else I have to be on this trip.

We are one week away…next week at this time we will be waiting to board our flight to Germany!

Join us on You Tube and Facebook

To everyone…

The Valencia College Holocaust Study Abroad trip takes off on Sunday June 21.  Please join us online as we share our experiences with you our Valencia family, the Valencia community, Professor Gair’s fellow professors and school administrators and the world in general.  Were have a very jam packed itinerary so please understand if there are days we do not post at all.  It will depend on our schedule, time we return to the hotel and no doubt our anticipated fatigue…LOL.  See you on line soon.

Professor Rich Gair and the 2015 Holocaust Study Abroad Students:

Sara Adams

Ashley Velez

Garrett Depietro

Kyle Wojoweda

Crystal Guerra Rivera

Kristin Galli

Victoria Evans

Amber Holley

Anna Burns (USF)

Parker Cooper (USF

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Facebook Page

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Professor Gair’s VIMEO Video Site

BLOG on Professor Gair’s web site (if time permits)